How to Navigate This Site

Tomorrow is Another Jay's primary purpose to to document and archive the goal progressions of its creator: the 10th-letter-themed "Jay".  When the blog began in the Fall of 2009 Jay laid out goals in each of his passions and posted about his incremental successes in those goals (which are then reflected upon in "retrospectives").

So what does this mean to you, the non-Jay reader? Well most (commercial) blogs stick with one theme which makes them easy to read or ignore based on your tastes. Since this blog discusses topics spanning from animation to piano performance to health foods to Seinfeld productivity methods (and more!) you may find that only a few topics actually interest you.

The best way to navigate this site is by using the "Categories" links on the right  ->

Animators looking for animation tips, reference studies, or industry discussion check out the animation and reference categories.

Music lovers should check out the guitar, piano, and music labels

Goal Setting tips on productivity, retrospectives, and health  improvements can be found in under those respective categories

Art and Media fans will find topics in game, books, photography, animation, art, and music labels

Funny videos, random rants and trivia may also interest you

And finally, Jay-specific categories can be found under Jay, family, My videos, and theme (posts having to do with the theme of incremental progress towards a better Jay)