About Me

I'm Jay. I grew up in Texas, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I develop and study animation. I have always loved animation and knew it was the profession I wanted to follow at age 14 when I watched Toy Story. I took a huge step towards my goal of becoming an animator when I was given the opportunity to intern at Pixar Animation Studios as an Art Production Assistant on Ratatouille. Through this internship I met many wonderful people who helped guide me in my training, and eventually I was led to AnimationMentor.com where I graduated and currently work full-time as the Technical Specialist (among many other titles). When I am not animating I enjoy spending time with my family, practicing piano and guitar, photography and videography, listening to soundtracks (game and movie), reading books and studying science, watching old/new/new-to-me movies/TV shows, and playing various games online and offline.