Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whistle while you work

My company recently released a "We're Hiring" video full of entertaining footage of all my friends:

To the regular viewer I bet this video looks awesome and nothing seems odd about it (other than the totally fun/craziness we have at work). But when I watch it I cringe at the timeline of the shots they choose: there are shots that happened years apart that flow into each other. Not that it is a bad thing, it just bothers me because I can see the different stages of my physical transformation over the past 4 years happen in a random order. In a few short scenes I go from being a normal weight, to gaining 40 pounds, to skinny in normal fitting clothing, to losing some weight but wearing baggy clothes that don't fit. And my hairstyles... oh man. One of my most prominent shots has me with a mustache which I literally did for 1 day (Halloween, I was a cowboy) but it looks like a normal day in the shot. My hair grew long and unkempt, got short, and then nearly completely shaved; I had a full beard, no beard, goatee; and my sideburns were short, long, and then 70's ultra long (in prep for Mr. Darcy). Make up your mind Jay! What do you want to look like? That being said, I'm not the only one with wildly changing hair over the past 4 years so at least I am in good company. Oh hey, a pun. Awesome.

My kids make brief appearances too! We are the Waldo family at 3:42 and baby Raeleigh is shown with Cowboy Jay at 4:23. Also check out Groovy Sideburns Jay at 2:49, Full-Beard-(nearly)-Shaved-Head Jay at 4:16, baggy-clothes-from-losing-weight Jay at 3:28, and I-just-ran-2-miles-at-the-Marina Jay at 1:16.

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  1. The first time I viewed it I had no idea you were in so many shots! But there you are! And yes, all the changes you made! haha!