Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Suave? It's the shirt...

Something odd happened today: I wore a new outfit to work today.

Well, that's not too odd since I wear new clothes to work often. But usually they consist of "animation themed" Hawaiian shirts or geek culture shirts. Exciting, I know. But not "odd" for me.

No, what was odd was that I wore a nice outfit to work today and literally had over 20 comments on it (pretty much everyone who saw it). I don't think I have ever been complemented on my clothes more than 5 times in a day (now funny looks, I get those all the time). The complements surprised me so much that I actually took pictures of myself in them to record the day. Now that is odd.

This blog is about becoming a new me, so I might as well add them here...

And no, no matter how nice the new look may be I will not give up my Hawaiian shirts. They are my... precious'es.

1 comment:

  1. The Hawaiian shirts do need to go and the outfits like this need to take their place!!! Now, on to getting those sideburns trimmed! :) Good work on the clothing!