Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Out - A little splining and polish

New animation update!
I received A LOT of feedback on my update last week. I forgot how wonderful it was to share animation and discuss it with others. I am still trying to get over the "it is not perfect so I don't want to show it to the public yet" mentality.
This week's update is actually in worse shape "polish"-wise but in better shape planning-wise. Based on all the feedback I received last week I completely redid some poses and removed the non-essential gestures. As such there are a lot of "pops" and some ugly arcs in this shot, but I feel like the animation is in a better place and will be even better as I polish it this week:

Some of the changes from last week:
  • Early pose is straighter, "rashly" pose is held longer
  • Hips move throughout the entire piece ("don't forget the hips!"), I may have pushed them too far in some places, but it is better than not using them enough
  • Hands move less and took out needless poses around upper chest. Dropped unused hand to side of body. Still need to polish the fingers more and fix some IK'ness
  • Emphasized important syllables. I tried to restrain myself when blocking them as one of the biggest mistakes in lip sync is to focus on every syllable. By avoiding this I ended up not emphasizing the important ones.
  • Head overlaps spine even more.
  • Really pushed the spine C curves before "plague". My poses weren't as strong as they could have been.
  • Added frantic looking during "havoc and chaos", still needs polish and head arc control but it is getting there
  • Had character jump at the end and feel less "rooted" to the ground. Final pose is pushed even further.

Here is the previous shot for comparison:

I still need to focus on the "why me" and confused/angry sections of the piece, I have lots to do before Sunday!

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