Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Raeleigh in Cali: pt 3 "Flowers in the Park"

On Saturday, we took Raeleigh to the local park and had a blast. The park was built by the community parents (San Rafael/Anselmo is a very nice community) and there was a lot of planning and care put into the creation of this park. Not only did it have 3 separate play structures for different age groups, but it included a sand pit, bark area, a fort tower, and (Raeleigh's favorite) a giant dinosaur to climb. Plus the "parent benches" were strategically placed in the shadiest area that could supervise all 3 play structures so the parents didn't have to move each time the child dashed to conquer a new event.

The day was so beautiful that we also took pictures in the garden where Raeleigh demonstrated how fast she could run and how tall she could reach up (and stopping to smell the flowers in between).

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