Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Out - Final and Progression

My "final" update to the "Get Out" shot is up! Like an artist, I could continue to tweak this shot for another 3 months but for now it is time to shove it aside and try a new shot. And who knows, I'll probably come back in 6 months, look at it, say "what was I thinking?!?", and redo entire portions of it. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Below you can see the simultaneous Before and After of my shot from the 4 weeks I worked on it in the Polish and Portfolio class.

If you can't see the major changes here are a few hints:
  • Stronger spine poses in first 100 frames
  • Look at the difference in lip sync, the syllables are much stronger now
  • Much bigger jump on "Why to me"
  • Head shakes and bend forward on "Why, Why?!?"
  • Tenser build up in crouch, further leap and better position on "Get Out"
  • Plus lots of subtle hand/knee/shoulder movements, gestures, and arcs.

Here are the stages of the shot from beginning to end (look for a future post on the actual proces to describe what these labels mean):

And for extra entertainment, here is the various video reference I recorded:

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