Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is Halloween!

For the first time since I can remember I actually planned my Halloween costume months ahead of time. During the Summer, I discovered the character of Fitzwilliam Darcy while reading "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" (and viewing non-zombie movie versions) and knew that is who I wanted to dress up as for Halloween:

Finding the costume wasn't too hard and took a little historical knowledge (not many "Darcy" costumes, but lots of "Regency era" ball costumes), the trickiest part was the homegrown requirements: at the time I had recently shaved my hair to an almost non-existent 1/2 inch length. In order to become Darcy I needed to grow both my hair and my sideburns completely out over 4 months. Since I am able to grow a thick beard in about a week, I was curious at what would happen over 4 months. In the end it wasn't long enough to match my reference photo (the likable Colin Firth) but given another month or so it could have been. My sideburns, on the other hand, were too long and I couldn't wait for them to be chopped off, especially since they whistled loudly while in the wind.

The final touch of the costume was the zombie head which was easily found at the local Spirit Halloween store. Overall the costume turned out quite well, my only disappointment was how few of my co-workers even knew who Mr. Darcy was (zombie or not). Well, that and the fact that top hats are no longer in fashion. I was informed by many a co-worker, male and female, that I totally "rocked the top hat". For once I have to agree...

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  1. I'm a few months late in seeing this but I couldn't resist telling you how heartily I approve! I have become a complete P&P fanatic in the last couple of years and I loved P&P&Z. I agree--you do wear the top hat well and I think you do Mr. Darcy proud.
    --Amy Barham Paul (a very old friend)