Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Out - NOW we polish

Another week, another update. But this one is the penultimate update! Woohoo!

Changes this week range from subtle to flat out stretching the limit:
  • Moved camera forward, character is no longer cut off at the shins.
  • Opening stance is shifted screen left to accent move to "act rashly". "Rashly" has a hard accent in the head
  • "But you..last straw" the hands unfold and each finger overlaps into next pose
  • Added small breaths in chest and shoulder prior to major phrases ("but..")
  • Head movement on "havoc and chaos" is even more frantic than last week
  • "BUT WHY ME?!?" is huge now, character stretches off screen and jumps off of ground
  • "why me, why, why?" the head shakes in disbelief each time he says why and leans forward to close the distance to the woman each time.
  • After tense shaking the arms move backward to prepare for the scream
  • "GET..." now has a head tilt to camera to read the mouth, pupils are small and dilated, body bounces and wrists overlap arm movements
  • "...OUT" head is now turned closer to camera. I can push this further still, I almost want him looking directly at the camera to startle the viewer who witnessed him go from acting calm and "not rashly" to screaming and jumping.

Next week is the "final" week on this shot. I could work on it for another month but you have to pull it away from the artist at some point or they would do nothing but tweaks to the piece forever. I will also include a comparison video which simultaneously plays each update to compare how much they changed each week. The week to week changes may not be obvious, but when you view the first post to the last post on this blog is it obvious.

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