Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toy Story 3!

We took Raeleigh to see the Toy Story double feature in 3D tonight and she loved it (well, the first one, we left before the 2nd since it was late). I haven't seen Toy Story in theaters since it came out 14 years ago so this was a special event both my daughter and me. The biggest surprise, though, was the completely unexpected Toy Story 3 trailer that was attached to the film. (video may disappear so watch it while it is hot!)

Yes, the movie looks great and I am interested in seeing what direction it takes the story. I love the fact that they got the original voice actors for the humans to return to play older versions of themselves (and even modeled the characters' appearances after them). I've heard from people working on the film that the ending is the "perfect" ending for the trilogy so I have high hopes. But the biggest surprise of the trailer was a. I hadn't seen it, and b. I didn't even know about it. For many years now, trailers have either been announced or even leaked on the internet before they are seen in theaters. I can't remember the last major movie whose trailer I first saw in theaters (or at least did not know to expect it). Kudos to Disney for keeping this trailer under wraps and surprising this impatient animation fan with a marvelous trailer to the series that started it all.

More on the actual story of Toy Story 3 to come in the near future...

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