Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Rants

Welcome to this edition of "random ___", where over time I collect random related items (funny videos, quotes, thoughts, etc) and post them when I have enough. This post's theme is "Quick Rants":

Why do speedometers have equal spacing when including speeds faster than I ever intend to go? I can't tell if I am going 60 in a 55 mph speed trap area because the difference between the numbers is less than a 1/8 inch, yet over 60% of the speedometer space is dedicated to speeds faster than 90 mph...

Just because someone wrote the book does not mean they have an interesting voice or the emotional range to read it for the audio recording.

Who the hell is Kayne West and why do people keep inviting him to public speaking events (and seat him close enough to take the microphone)?! In related note, the Mike Myers/Chris Tucker reactions during the telethon are wonderful "awkward moment" facial expressions reference.

Why do people distrust medical professionals so much that they believe ads claiming "single mom discovers new weight loss drug/teeth whitener/panacea/etc that doctors don't want you to know about!". Seriously, when it comes to your health why you would rather trust a single mom (who likely doesn't exist) over someone who went to school for 10+ years to study medicinal techniques developed and refined over hundreds of years?

If your car's flamboyant, cosmetic upgrades (wow, flashy spinning hubs and a car bottom one inch from the ground!) actually prevent you from driving the speed limit then maybe you shouldn't add them and/or drive your car. Especially if the upgrades cost more than the value of the car.

Facebook's new layout lists a reminder to "reconnect" with one of your random friends who hasn't been active recently. So far it has reminded me to reconnect with: a person currently in jail, a person who tragically died last year, and my dad. Thanks for the great suggestions Facebook!

24 hour news anchors: while it is technically true "some people" are "outraged" about an isolated incident that conveniently becomes an issue during a slow news week 6+ months later, it really doesn't count if "some people" are the opinion hosts (whose shows that just played before yours) trying to manufacture "outrage" to boost their ratings. Focus on reporting legit outrageous matters please, like getting rid of Kanye West...

Why does the nearest theater show the newest movies in only small Imax (LieMax) or in 3D? Both options add an extra $3-$5 to the ticket price and offer little-to-nothing to (most) movies. 9 months ago it was nearly impossible to see a movie for less than $11 here, now I can't even go to one for less than $14 unless I wait 2-3 weeks for a newer movie to kick it off the LieMax screen. I don't mind options, but don't let the luxury options prevent the standard option.

Good idea: purchasing flood insurance if you live in an area that is hit by hurricanes (even if it is every few years)
Bad idea: not buying flood insurance and blaming an insurance company for not covering your hurricane flood damage

I don't know which is worse: ads for loans/refinancing/school-financial-aid that include random videos of synchronized dancing aliens, women caught by surprise, cheerleaders falling, etc; or the fact that people actually get loans through those ads due to their selection of random, non-financial videos (why would banks continue to advertise that way if it didn't work?).

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