Monday, January 25, 2010

Raeleigh and Mia (Guaraldi-style)

One of my many pleasures of visiting home and seeing my children is the opportunity to play the piano (an instrument which is rather difficult to obtain when you are constantly moving from house to apartment in Cali). The girls watch classic Peanuts cartoons (this began when the Halloween special appeared last fall) and enjoy the music to it. When I first heard this I decided it was time to bust out my old Guaraldi chops and play some familiar tunes for them:

The cutest part is Mia wanted to play with daddy on the piano, and after this video she and I created some "experimental" musical duets by banging the keys. I miss the days of being able to practice the piano at any time, but I definitely look forward to the days of playing duets with my children with their favorite themes!

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