Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jay's playlist: Cinema Paradiso

Welcome to my playlist, where I discuss the music which is currently entertaining me. Below you will find a video, press play to begin the song and then read my feelings on the album.

Today's Playlist is "Cinema Paradiso":

Cinema Paradiso is a phenomenal Italian film than any film lover should see. Figuratively speaking, this movie is great for "lovers of film" not only because it is superb film, but because its topic is about a child's love of film (as seen at the movie theater "Cinema Paradiso") and his successful-director-adult-self reminiscing on the many key life moments that happened at the local theater as the theater is scheduled to be torn down in the present.

The music in the film is touching, sometimes sad, and a beautiful reminder of life and love. The actual movie theme does not have a lyrics as heard above (although I enjoy this recently released arrangement) but numerous famous artists over the years created new versions of the piece and added their own touches to the piece. The original can be found here:

I love this theme for all the reasons listed above, and anytime a new version is released I devour it as fast as I can.

The music reminds me of the movie which reminds me of the love of film and it's respective music.

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