Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Head of the House - 5 Final and Progression

Well, the Animation Mentor Polish and Portfolio term is over. :(
But now, 12 weeks later my work has improved by leaps and bounds. In the end I polished over 25 second of animation which isn't as much as I hoped when I starte (30 secs was my goal) but hey, my son was born during the term so I was a little distracted in the final weeks, :)

Much like my Get Out piece I have compiled some videos for my Head of the House shot.

Here is the "final" shot:

Here is the comparison of the final shot and where it was at the beginning of the term:

In the end I probably reanimated every single frame in the shot. I have yet to find a frame or pose the was not changed in some way. The man's excited preparation at the beginning and the entire dog walk are complete new animation.

Other major changes are the overlapping of the hands and frisbee as he jump (notice how they flow up and down after the body jumps and falls), better timing on the jumps, more exaggerated poses and heights of jumps, overlapping in the dog's tail, head, and ears, and the feet are more in sync with the music.

Finally, here is my reference.

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