Sunday, January 30, 2011

Head of the House - polish!

My animation short "Head of the House" is coming along. After "finishing" it a few years ago (more like shoving it under the bed out of disgust) I reopened it with fresh eyes and new animation knowledge. After a few (spread out) months of focus on specific shots, I finally have a coherent clip of polished shots!

Currently I am working on the middle of the short on arguably the hardest shots of the piece. Here is the most recent update:

And here is the original "finished" piece from years ago. Not a single key from below is retained above, I have completely recreated the each shot from scratch.

Finally, here is the original animatic for the short:

1 comment:

  1. I think the recent one is definitely an improvement! Good work!

    The one from last year, even though I didn't notice it then, had some sluggish movements that weren't as natural as the ones in the newest version. You're on your way to being the next greatest animator. :) (which of course is far more than I could ever do or even imagine someone else doing.)