Sunday, January 23, 2011

Get Out - 2011 Polish

After two false starts at the end of last year (sadly, due to waiting for a event that kept on being postponed) I am back in an animation class to work on new and old work alike. At the beginning of the class I showed my current reel and expected a lot of notes on my perpetual-work-in-progress short. While that did occur, I also got a lot of notes on my "finaled" dialogue shot "Get Out" from 2009. Thus, I returned to "Get Out" to polish it even more, and see things that my oh-so-naive eyes of 2009 completely missed.

Here is the newest polish:

And for reference, here is my "final" shot from the end of 2009

As is true polish, the changes may so small enough that you don't see them at first, but as a whole improve the entire shot:

  • Added a preparation breath prior to the dialogue
  • moved lip sync to hit the accents better
  • added nicer arcs to hands before "plague" and the jump "why to me?"
  • eyebrows are used more
  • Eyes are consistent throughout the shot, the old shot had him looking at 3 completely different "people" during the tirade
  • took out the staggered "Pixar blink" before the silent "whaaa?" (I have a Dreamworks mentor this time, it was the first thing he axed)
  • subtle hip and lower body movements throughout to keep him alive
  • subtle camera change at the end to keep him from hitting the side of the video window

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