Monday, November 9, 2009

Head of the House - Jump spline

After "finishing" my Get Out shot (I shall return!) I have moved on to my next shot. This one is from my animated short film which is at the top of my "projects I started that I must now finish" list. Considering how much time has passed since I last worked on this, I look at the animation and see amateur work. I bit off more than I could chew this past week for my assignment since I decided that instead of polishing my animation I would start it from scratch (plus I had to rebuild most of the scene since my files didn't survive the 2 years of transitioning from computer to computer). So while I am not at the polishing stage, I am very excited at where the shot is heading!

Here is the newest update:

Changes from the last shot:
  • Man's preparation before the jump is new
  • Feet hit the ground in sync with the music
  • The dog's walk is entirely new, no key was spared. More emphasis in the hip rotations and shoulder shifts
  • The man's head and arm arcs flow better
  • Man lands with front foot and runs to the next jump faster
  • Added more feet and spine movement in the end

Even though this shot is literally 1/3 the length of my last shot, it is more difficult. For one, I have 6 feet, 3 hip pairs, and 2 hands I have to deal with which are constantly moving on every frame (my previous shot has some nice breaks and rests when I didn't have to focus on them). But, in the end, that's the entire reason I chose this shot to work on. If my entire reel was just acting shots of a guy from the hips up as he stands around and spouts some random dialogue... well not many studios would hire me.

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