Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jay's playlist: Dexter Soundtrack

Welcome to my playlist, where I discuss the music which is currently entertaining me. Below you will find a video, press play to begin the song and then read my feelings on the album.

One of the best written TV series of recent years (along with Friday Night Lights) is Dexter. The show is fascinating and macabre, and showcases some fantastic acting from Michael C. Hall. Much of the Dexter soundtrack accents the shows atmosphere with its somber, haunting melodies. These are mixed with lively cha-cha-chas and rumbas to match the show's Miami setting (and its large Cuban influence). While the Cuban flavor is a nice touch, it is the eerie piano themes and dark ambiance that I love in the soundtrack.

Not to mention the title theme, which may almost be to "peppy" for the series, accents the brilliant visual opening sequence that focuses on Dexter's perfect morning routine.

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