Saturday, November 7, 2009

The power of a good discussion

This has been an interesting week for many reasons. Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep up with each of my Seinfeld calendar task this week due these reasons that have a higher priority. I will update the October results soon, though.

One of the nice aspects of this week was talking with good friends and family. Almost everyday this week I have spoken to a friend, some of whom I haven't talked to in many years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I'm not sure why everyone decided to call this week of all weeks, but I've decided to call this week the unofficial "let's check in with Jay" week (although I have been playing phone tag with some for a few weeks and we finally connected this week). One of my friends I literally hadn't talked to (or seen) in over 10 years yet we had a discussion like no time had past at all. The conversation surprised me at how people in completely different environments and chosen career paths can end up with so much in common.

A lot has happened in the past year and the results of the events have directly led to the purpose of this blog (improvement in all aspects of life). For many years I was pretty much incommunicado to everyone around me, even those closest to me, for needless reasons. One of the positive outcomes of the year's major events has been the reconnection with my friends from different times of my life. As they say "no man is an island" and a life without friends is no life at all. Thank you to everyone who called this week (and to everyone else, call me)!


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