Monday, July 5, 2010

Muppet Memorial

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the death of Jim Henson. The man was an inspiration to millions and his work still retains its relevancy decades later. Almost every American under 40 learned from him ("c is for cookie!") throughout their childhood. My children know who Big Bird is even two decades after Henson's passing (they also love the original Muppet Movie and can sing "Movin' Right Along" which is stuck in my head due to my 5th grade music class with Mr. Ukena).

I was too young to really understand what his death meant and how we lost a brilliant teacher (and comedian), but this somber anniversary helped me realize how much he meant to the world. His service is on youtube, and if you are muppet fan then the medley of muppet tunes is a must see. You may not have heard some of this songs since you were under 10 years old, but hearing them will bring back wonderful memories. And if you want to cry today, watch Big Bird singing "It ain't easy being green".

And to end on an upbeat, here is one of my favorite moments from Seasame Street:

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