Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Last year was all about experimenting and trying ideas/actions/tasks I wouldn't normally do. I began growing my hair out last July in order to look like Mr. Darcy in time for Halloween. While my hair was not long enough to match my Darcy reference, by Halloween it was pretty long. In fact, it was longer than I could ever remember it being. Then I realized that I had never grown my hair out before. I had always jumped from having a short, an almost-buzz-cut, to spike hair (with blond highlights), to a bowl cut around the forehead, to parted either down the center or side, then cut and repeat when it got too long. Maybe I would look fabulous with long hair? How would I know if I didn't try?!

Also, seeing how both my grandparents and my father are bald (and that little ball of hair at the bottom of the shower ain't getting any smaller), I knew my time to grow long hair was limited.

So I let my hair grow. And grow. And, coincidentally, during this time my wardrobe expanded to include a fabulous collection of hats.

Alas, all good(?) things must come to an end. I reached my goal of growing long hair out, and it was time to go back to something more familiar...

If there is one benefit to come of this (beyond the scores of "wow, you look good!" complements) it is that now my mother and sister will stop bugging me about my hair every time I visit (or slyly mentioning it at the end of their blog posts) ;)

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