Monday, July 5, 2010

Dinosaurs at the desk

I work at a very creative company. We recently expanded and added cubicles (gasp!) to the expansion. Soon after, the CEO was walking through the expansion and despite all the cool posters, colorful wall paintings, hammocks, and big screen TVs playing animated movies he felt that the office looked a little too "corporate". So the company offered each employee a budget to decorate their desks to match their personal style.

I, of course, chose dinosaurs.

(Although, considering how long it took me to find them, the chocobos did remain among my decorations. And Yoshi is also a dinosaur so he stuck around.)

The little orange Spinosaurus was given to me by my oldest daughter for Father's day. She didn't even know I was collecting dinosaurs, she just went to the toy store and thought I would love that toy.

(more photos below)

Interesting enough, a few dinosaurs come from a french company which creates toys that are in no way related to existing brands. Yet, if you look at the Raptor, Spinosaurus, or the T-rex you can tell they were definitely "influenced" by the look of a certain movie. Although their newer models (the Allosaurus in the 2nd photo at the top) also look great and are not "based" on any brand.

I ordered enough dinosaurs that the model company offered to send a free creature. Unfortunately, the choices did not include a dinosaur. And since a unicorn wouldn't quite fit my theme, I ended up choosing an alligator (which did live during the time of the dinosaurs).

Posters were also needed, and I found this great painting on deviantart. It looks good next to my mosaic of the girls.

Finally, it wouldn't be a animator's desk without an animation toy. Rex from Toy Story fits the bill just fine...


  1. Yay for dinosaurs!

  2. Now you really must resume work on your comic strip Little "T". We can get out the dinosaurs for Raeleigh next time you come. She and Mia already chose the dinosaur placemats to eat off of this last visit. Raeleigh knew the names of the 2 dinosaurs on them.