Monday, August 9, 2010

Civilization Medley

One of the first concerts I attended after moving to SF was the newly established "Video Games Live", a concert comprised of arranged video game music that would never come anywhere near my previous hometown in Arkansas. The organizer (and host) of the concert was a man named Tommy Tallarico, a video game composer who released CDs of his work in the early 90's which also happened to the be the first CDs I ever owned. I had kept in touch with him over the years (he's very responsive to his fans) and got to meet him at the VGL concert. Sadly I haven't been able to see the concert again the few times it has been in the area, but luckily they recently filmed the concert and are playing it on PBS. One of my favorite pieces (and from a game I had never played before) is now available online:

No offense to the soloist on the right (who performs the piece at all the concerts) but the soloist on the left (who performed the original piece included in the game) just steals the show, especially at 3:35.

Interesting fact: The lyrics to this song, "Baba Yetu" are actually The Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili. This must have come as quite a surprise to the people in Dubai (a predominantly Muslim city) who set up an entire tourist attraction around this song.

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