Saturday, August 7, 2010

May with the family part 1

I'm coming up on my August trip and I still haven't posted photos from my May-June or July trips! I usually spread each trip's photos out over 5 posts (it is easier to narrow down the photos to roughly 10 photos per event that way) but in the interest of speed this trip will be shown over 2 posts!

My May-June trip began in Dallas where I visited Reel FX, an awesome animation studio where I know many of the animators from their work at Animation Mentor. My sister then drove me to Arkansas where we met our parents and got one of our first family photos in a while. After than we picked up my kids and much fun ensued. The girls enjoyed Popsicles while the baby had grown big enough to roll around and demand to be included in the activities. He was also very interested in the computer, especially the videos of his sisters and him, something his sisters also enjoyed watching and joined him in viewing.

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