Thursday, August 19, 2010

July Trip 1

We began my July trip with the always-dependable MarbleWorks set up. While the 2 year old still isn't able to figure out the physic of building an awesome marble tower, she is able to make a mean tube and pretend to be an elephant. Afterwords we celebrated Rae's 4th birthday by creating an awesome train cake. While the girls loved building the cake, many of the edible decorations disappeared before they could be placed on the cake and the girls weren't very hungry when it was time to indulge in it. Regardless, the journey is part of the fun! Then, like any good animator, I gave Rae her presents which consisted of dolls from Toy Story 3 and the Disney Princess line. We had a blast playing with them outside, although the dolls may say otherwise (especially after being thrown 20 ft in the air).

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