Monday, March 22, 2010

Chili Flank Steak Tacos with Lime Salsa

My newest culinary experiment involves flank steak, veggies, lime, cilantro, and various chili powders:

During this meal's creation I learned how to properly "score" a flank steak (make diamonds), how important a strong grater is for zesting a lime (very), what happens to a bag of cilantro after you get it wet (it ruins), how much juice a grilling flank steak can release (at least two full runoff containers worth), how cutting a fresh avocado is not easy as cutting a tomato (stupid core), and how blending a few lime slices with peels is not the equivalent of lime juice + lime zest (way too strong).

Overall, the tacos were great. So was the mess but it was worth it. My salsa turned out to be a little too strong with the lime, but that's what happens when you resort to using a blender when using a dull cheese grater to zest limes takes too long. Lesson learned there! Sadly the price involved to make this meal (roughly $20) makes it a little too expensive for only 2 meals, especially when my beef penne rigata dish can last for 5 meals for about $11.

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