Monday, March 22, 2010

Musical Humor

Time for another edition of random funny, but this time with a musical theme!

The first two videos show an interesting way to use the website "Chat Roulette". CR randomly connects your webcam to a stranger for about 30 seconds before switching you to another stranger. Basically you get to talk to a random person you will never see again for 30 seconds. Sadly, the promise of anonymity allows people to act pretty immature on camera (seeing unmentionable body parts is not uncommon), but this guy decided to use the anonymity for good! Each time he was assigned a person he wrote a song about them to cheer them up (if he didn't break out laughing first):

This trend was so popular that the musican Ben Folds did the same thing at one of his concerts. There's nothing like expecting to chat with a lone person in their bedroom only to find out you are being broadcast to an entire stadium of music fans...

Not exactly funny, but cool: this person filmed himself twice so he could play a duet with himself playing famous TV themes. This is something right up my alley, gotta try it some day.

Similarly, the guy filmed himself 4 times lip syncing to a John Williams a capella tribute (not sure who actually performed the song):

In other news, this cat and break dancing do not mix:

The 80's were known for their catchy advertisement tunes. This is what happens when a company today buys the rights to an defunct tune (Big Red gum) and recreates it for their own product.

Finally, this video is the original music video to OK Go's This Too Shall Pass. It is performed by the Notre Dame marching band and when the video released the record label decided not to allow embedding of the video (meaning I can't show it hear on my website). OK Go, known for their viral videos, were so furious about this that they dropped the record label and created the new video I wrote about earlier this month. Click the link below for the band version, which is quite catchy:

And as a bonus, two non-music video that make me laugh (although I can cheat and say one has a guitar in it and the other is a bunch of videos set to [annoying] music).

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