Sunday, March 21, 2010

The ineffective mission

Time for some actual journal time, nothing to do with progress just a little life note. I'm a little bummed today, drove over 100 miles to go to a store that had the perfect gift for a friend (which I had reserved online) only to find the item wasn't in stock and online store hadn't updated its inventory. But there's a little silver lining in everything, as I did listen to a great book during the drive and discovered a new section of the Bay Area I had never been. Still, the item I am looking for now is literally nowhere in a 500 mile radius, looks like I will have to wait until they restock it two months after my friend's birthday. Oh well, at least the book was good!


  1. do they have it somewhere where I can pick it up for you??

  2. Ha, I actually checked on that, but A: You were in Arkansas for Spring Break the weekend this happened, and B: the closest place that had it in stock was 55 miles from Wylie.
    I got it ordered now though :)