Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon premiere

So today I found out I'm invited to a preview screening of How to Train Your Dragon. Today is an awesome day!

I went to the screening, got to skip the huge line of people hoping to get in the movie (I was on the VIP list, woohoo!) and got the best seat in the house (dead center). I can't think of a better situation to see this movie, and the fact that it rocked made the evening perfect. Congrats to Dreamworks for making a story-driven movie with heart; one that is funny when it needs to be and not reliant on pop culture jokes for gags or relies on big names to draw in audiences (yay for Jay Baruchel). There were numerous times in the film that hit me emotionally, the montage which ends with the nose touch being the biggest, and that is an event only a select few Pixar films have accomplished with me. I hope this film succeeds far beyond any of DW's other films (although with Shrek 2's cume, not likely) to encourage them to create more films in this fashion.

Well done, Dreamworks, well done.

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