Friday, April 16, 2010

Epic everything

Sometimes artists create pieces of work that serve no purpose other than to mix some of the most epic characters/creatures/machines in the same painting. This week I've randomly come across three separate pieces done in this fashion so it that was message enough to convince me to make a post about them:

If this one doesn't make you feel patriotic, there is something wrong with you:
"George Washington defending a American flag from a Bengal Tiger on a sinking boat in the middle of a hurricane"

by SharpWriter

This logo is for a bowling event...

As far as I can tell, that is a silhouette of an angel on top of a unicorn with lightning for a horn surrounded by various weapons, a shark with an assault rifle, a manatee with nunchuks, and a t-rex with a hatchet. The website also includes a bald eagle, jets, and a stunt motorcycle.

Have you ever asked yourself what Batman would do if he ran across a shark (and was out of his "Shark Repellent Batspray")?

He would use a lightsaber of course.

And what happens when kids-with-imaginary-animal-friends meet at the playground?

(Hobbes will totally win)

I completely disagree with the "winners" of the battle depicted below, but that doesn't make David Finch's piece any less epic:

What if Mario and Luigi were a little more epic?

Finally, this photo is actually from real life and shows three male gods meeting each other (Andre, Arnold, and Wilt):

That is your dose of epic'ness this month...

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