Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Layout!

Yay! After months of dealing with the smaller proportions of this site which couldn't even fit a normal sized video I have finally torn apart the code and updated it! Most readers probably won't notice the difference, but the blog is now 190 pixels wider and can fit larger photos and videos. While this may seem like an easy fix, it is actually quite tedious because everything on this page, beyond the overall background color, is an specific-sized image. And once you widen the tables suddenly the background images won't fit and look odd. See those curves on each of the pieces above and to the side? How about the border lines on each side of this section? And the logo fade to the calendar above? Those are images that needed to be recreated and updated. Basically, in order to complete the simple task of widening this website I had to update about 10 images, upload them to a server, and then replace all the code which referenced them, as well as redo the buffer portions so everything fit just right. And all of this without a manual or guide anywhere.

Anyways, it wasn't hard exactly, just time consuming and a lot of guess and check is involved. But at least now I can show video without having to manually changing the sizes so they fit a smaller area!

In celebration, here is a random youtube video that wouldn't have fit normally:

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