Sunday, April 25, 2010

Modern Vintage

I sense a new trend...
Check out these two ads to see it:

Man, the 80's had some weird commercials, didn't they? These ads bring back some awesome memories of these toys...
Or do they?

Well if they do, they aren't real toy memories. Because these two "80's" ads were created for products that came out in 2010! Lots-o-Huggin Bear is another used toy at the daycare in Toy Story 3 (and he briefly appeared in Up too), and Mega Man 10 is a new game created for nostalgic gamers which looks and plays like 80's entries of the franchise.

The creators of these ads recreated the 80's feel perfectly. The ads come complete with recorded vhs distortion, cheesy soundtracks, 80's apparel, and fake sitcom closers found on many 80's series. Gotta love the creativity, and determination, of these ad agencies!

Bonus: Lotso has a Japanese counterpart it seems...

I didn't watch much Japanese television ads as a child but I assume they weren't too far from this.

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