Thursday, September 17, 2009

Battletoads save the day!

Once again the Battletoads save the day! This game was one of my favorites on the NES and is widely considered one of the hardest games ever created (mini rant: kids these days are pansies with their "save points" and "unlimited lives", back in the day you could get to the last boss after hours of work only to die and have to start all over from the begining, we memorized everything and we liked it!). Yet this isn't actually a game... these Battletoads save files!

Thanks to the magic of Etsy and 8 Bit Memory, you can now purchase USB hard drives hidden in NES carts. I needed a new backup hard drive since my previous one was full (note to self: never again buy a backup HD that is half the size of your primary HD) . Not only was this the perfect price for a hard drive, but it was small enough to travel with my laptop and geeky enough that I have to show it to everyone I meet. And other than the mini-USB port on the side, it looks exactly like the original game, including a dusty connector port that I had to blow in just for nostalgia.

And yes, I installed an NES emulator with Battletoads loaded so technically the cartridge plays the game...

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