Friday, September 4, 2009

Not reinventing the blog

Welcome to the inaugural post of this one of many blogs by Jay... er, Me. I consider this blog a new beginning in many aspects of my life, but the most relevant aspect for this post is that it is the first that I do not host or totally control.

As a graphic designer, I have been blogging designed, hosted, and (occasionally) updated my own blogs for nearly 10 years now, and always had pride in such "accomplishments". But the truth is those accomplishments were detrimental to the purpose of my blogs. The hours it took manually coding the HTML/Java/CSS and uploading/maintaining the servers made the simplest task of updating the blog a tedious timesink. And for the uncommitted and easily distracted... oooh look, something SHINY!



... that timesink became an excuse not update my websites. And what is the purpose of a (somewhat decent looking) personal blog if it is never updated? Long story short: after years of easily updating Facebook and Flickr with new photos, videos, and life updates while my personal sites collected electronic dust, I chose to start a new blog and let someone else deal with all the technical headaches. Not to mention, today's WYSIWYG and CSS templates are far more robust than any of the designs I coded (with now-obsolete code) 10-2 years ago.

Why "Tomorrow is another Jay"?
Because each day should be a progress towards a goal (or many). And even if you made past mistakes you should not wallow in them but learn and work towards bettering yourself. I have many goals (some new and some old, some accomplished, many not) and I am tired of excuses for not reaching them all. This blog will document my passions, progress, and random musings so at the end of the day I can look back and see that, while I have not reached everything I have hoped for, I am further than when I started. And tomorrow is always another day on the road to a new Jay. (this is where the "theme" tag comes from)

And if outside people read this and are entertained, so be it. At this point in time my intentions are more selfish: I just want a place I can freely post without an excuse like "it doesn't fit the theme of the website" or "it might offend someone" or worse of all "someone may misinterpret it (possibly as hubris) and affect their opinion of me".

So to that I say "Fuck it, it's my personal blog I will write what I want, I spent ten years as an emotional recluse worried about what others thought (to the point where Leigh Anne said I didn't even talk to her anymore), and I am ready to be a new me and display the effort it takes to get there".

Plus, it is not like I have to advertise this website's existence. For now, it will be my little secret.

(I'm sorry blog, I won't curse again, please don't hate me)


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