Sunday, September 6, 2009

Walking the Piers

One of my tasks this busy weekend was to visit an odd store in San Francisco to purchase a rare item I wanted to give to an old friend (now with more adjectives!). Coincidentally, this also happened to be the weekend that the Bay Bridge was closed, so unless I wanted to drive 2 hours to get into the city that was only 3 miles away my only option was to take Bart. The downside to this is, unlike most city subways, Bart does not actual traverse San Francisco. It has 4 stops that are near downtown and then continues out of the city towards the airport (it is more of a commuter-to-downtown subway than a explore-the-city subway). My store was in the Cannery which is a good 3 mile hike from Bart so I decided to make the most of it and bring along a camera for some good ole fashioned street photography!

Sadly, the store I was going to went out of business last month (their website was not updated to reflect this) so the trip was a fruitless. Well, other than photographs, 6 mile hike/exercise, interesting stories to tell...
C'est la vie!

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