Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Links of Hilarity

Welcome to the first edition of "Random...". Occasionally I will come across videos/news which is interesting/funny/informative but may not be worthy of a post by themselves. Thus I will collect them in one post and when the post is full enough it will go live for all to see. This edition's theme of Random Links is "funny videos":

AutoTune the news - "AutoTune" is the program pop/rap "singers" use to force their pitch in tune. This group takes actual political news footage and uses the news dialog to create music using AutoTune. T-Pain is a rapper who uses this technique yet still laughs at the farce it creates.

Dr. Horrible at the Emmys. If you haven't watched the original Dr. Horrible videos, find them here

NFL Players Mentor Troubled Detroit Lions

Buzz in space

Great illusion

Dog meets Crocodile

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