Sunday, September 27, 2009

Running Progress

A new milestone (literally) on the path to a fitter Jay! Today I did my first morning run in 3 weeks. My previous run pushed my body too hard so I backed off for a few weeks and focused on cardio I could do in the house (yoga, plyometrics, etc). Since I hadn't run in a while I was under the impression my skills had regressed so I began today's run with the goal of doing 1 mile.

So I ran a mile. At the end of what I assumed was a mile (I never checked my distance during the run, I only listened to music and had a good estimate of when 8-9 minutes had passed) I still felt great so I continued to run. And run. And run. I decided to run until my body said "I am tired" and stop before it said "here, have some pain, that will stop you". When I finally stopped I checked my iPod to see what I had accomplished: 4.1 miles in 39 minutes! While it is not my longest run (nearly 7 miles, which killed my knees as mentioned above), or my fastest, it is the first time that I have severely underestimated my own fitness level and blew away a goal I thought I was going to be a challenge. It is also the first time I have run 4 miles without taking any "slow down" breaks, I maintained a constant 9:30 mile pace the entire time.

I am on my way to a fitter Jay!

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