Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo time with daddy: pt 1

During my visit with the girls this month I brought along my updated camera to photograph the girls. This was my first test of the f 1.8 50 mm prime lens and it worked beautifully. The lack of zoom took a little getting used to at first, but the large aperture allowed for non-flash indoor photos and a large depth of field that I could never get with my previous digital cameras. Many of my early shots had out of focus areas of the main subject (either Raeleigh or Mia) so I still have much to learning to do.

My biggest "complaint" is that the autofocus focuses on the center of the picture (like it should) and the best pictures are ones where the main subjects are in the first or last thirds of the frame. I would focus on the subject with them centered, then move them off-center only to have the camera re-focus on the background object. I need to get in the habit of either manually focusing or using auto focus and then turning it off when I move my subject.

I also learned that the 19 mo old stays stationary and is genuinely interested in the strange object daddy is pointing at her, while the 3 year old constantly moves and refuses to actually look at it. This is likely a byproduct of me spending so much of her youth filming her.

Here is the first round of photos! The girls are absolutely beautiful (although I am biased)...

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