Tuesday, February 2, 2010


One of the very first pieces (definitely the first video game piece) I learned when I started playing the guitar was a piece called "Breezy" from Final Fantasy VIII. At the time I learned it from the MIDI (before Tabs were common online) which worked out great because the composer, Nobuo Uematsu, undoubtedly composed this on the guitar and input it into the game through a synthesizer (if he hadn't, strings would not match up as easily as they do).

So my first guitar video upload shall be "Breezy":

This is playing from my 1998 memory, so I'm sure a few of the notes/patterns are slightly different than the original tune (12 years will do that to your muscle memory).

You can listen the original version from the game here:

Finally, this will probably be the only guitar video I do in a single, unedited take. The simple piece is barely a minute long and only uses 4 strings yet it took me nearly 30 minutes to play it well enough to post online (even then it has little mistakes). It also didn't help that during the middle of one of my best performances my neighbor decided take a shower and the mic picked up the water flowing through the pipes. I'm sure the more complex pieces I perform in the future will consist of multiple takes edited together which means the video may need an image slideshow to hide the transitions :)

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