Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I love this week

Copying a topic from a few friends for today's post. Here are the websites that interested me the most this week:

Live Shiba Inu puppy stream

This entire week I loaded my iMac (which sits next to my PC monitor) with a live full screen feed of puppies. Whenever my PC frustrated me (which is often) I could look over to the puppy feed and feel calm. They're just so cute!

Set aside 10% of your work for retirement
(not your income)

The Oceans are as deep as a plane flies

Muppets + Kansas + internet meme parody = AWESOME

The Leatherbound Classics series - if they didn't weigh so much (I've had to move too often and book boxes are back killers) I would buy them all

What English sounds like to non-speakers: The lyrics to this video are gibberish but designed to sound like English words and cadences. So when you struggle to understand what is said (it sounds very familiar) you will understand what English sounds like to everyone else.

Ain't this the truth:

Really wanted to include this video in my Space post, but the tone didn't quite fit:

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