Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Videos of Hilarity

Time for another collection of random, humorous videos!

I hate clowns (thanks to Stephen King's It and Spielberg's Poltergeist), and I'm sure these kids will grow up to be no different (if it was real):

Anyone who has played Tetris knows this is EXACTLY what happens. At least you now have someone to blame.

The punchline is true and heartwarming

I was a few years too old to get into the Power Rangers phenomenon, but I did watch the first episode when it premiered and remember thinking it was odd that the colors they assigned each teen were "coincidentally" related to their race. This spoof shows the creator's true colors (it is also funny that the "high end" TV effects of the 90's can now be so easily recreated by college students):

This one is cute, but not funny until you find out what the title of the video is:

"The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog", yay for Typing 101!

Also, not funny per se, but amazing. This is a video of a cat playing the piano. Someone then wrote an orchestral accompaniment and conducted an orchestra to play along with the video:

Finally, honesty in a childrens song:

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