Monday, February 1, 2010

But is it art? pt 2

More photos that may or may not be classified as "artistic". Even more interesting is I actually adjusted one photo using software to give it a more of an artistic look. Yes, I know this is quite common, but for me it is a step backwards and forwards (or sideways?). I earned a degree over five years of college sitting in front of Photoshop manipulating photos into art. But I never took time to care about what the photos looked like before I opened in Photoshop. Whenever I shot photos, I always assumed I would "fix it in post" and therefore didn't bother with composing the photo with the camera. When I got my dSLR a few months ago, I stopped using Photoshop entirely and wanted to create interesting photos with the camera as opposed to manipulation. Now that time has passed, I am ready to (slowly) begin using Photoshop to accent the photos...

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