Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Facts

Time for another "random" entry, this one involves odd facts!

I read a lot and enjoy books with interesting information. Since one book may contain many great facts, you may read this and say "he just took that from 'x' book!" to which I say "yes I did, glad you read it!". To everyone else who didn't know these facts, enjoy!

(also, time has a way of clarifying all info, so if I find out later that a fact is incorrect I will strike it from the list)

There is more actual lemon juice in Pledge Lemon Cleaner than in Country Time Lemonade

The weight of the "heads" side of the penny is slightly heavier than the "tails" side. The weight is small enough that the 50/50 chance of heads/tails is really 1001/999

Airplane exhaust temporarily lowers ground temperatures by reflecting sunlight. Ground temperatures increased during the 3 days after 9/11 when no planes flew.

You are more likely to die walking home while drunk than you are driving drunk. You are less likely kill someone else though.

Every President with a beard was a Republican

Bottled water costs more per gallon than gasoline

The origin of the work "testimony" comes from Ancient Rome where it was customary for a man to put their hand on their testicles while taking an oath

The shorthand "X-mas" was created by the Catholic Church to save on printing costs in the 15th century. the "X" is the Greek letter "Chi" which is used to spell "Christ"

The standard backseat seatbelt passes every Federal standard required for car seats for children 3 and over and does not affect safety percentages at all when compared car seats. The "50% safer" percentage touted on car seats is when car seat usage is compared to children wearing no belt at all.

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