Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toy Story 3 trailer

The Toy Story 3 trailer is out!


Looks good so far, although I was surprised about the inclusion of a few scenes in the trailer. While it is not the first poop joke in a Pixar movie (Nemo's "we're swimming in our own- 'Shhhhhhhh'!" comes to mind), the "Lincoln Logs" joke is the first time Pixar used bathroom humor in a trailer. Not really a fan.
I do enjoy the "Nice Ass(cot)" line though, Pixar occasionally uses this joke pattern of saying something benign that sounds like a dirtier word (see the "sshhhhhh!" line above). Still odd to see it in the trailer.
Finally, I didn't care for the "secret meeting" shot that (possibly) gives away the villains in the movie. It would have come much more of a surprise if that hint was not shown. Then again, it may be an intentional misdirection.

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