Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jay's Playlist: The Eagles

Welcome to my playlist, where I discuss the music which is currently entertaining me. Below you will find a video, press play to begin the song and then read my feelings on the album.

Today's playlist is music by the Eagles:

Unlike every previous selection for Jay's Playlist, this music is not rare/niche/unknown. I doubt anyone reading this blog has never heard of The Eagles (or at least heard one of their songs without knowing it was them). The fact that "Their Greatest Hits" was the top selling album of all time for 33 years (until surpassed by Thriller immediately after Michael Jackson's death) supports this assertion. Although I find it fascinating that The Eagles' most famous song (arguably), Hotel California isn't even on their top selling album.

Normally I write why I love the music being played, but since 42 million of you already own the album, there's not much else I can add other than this small anecdote: I never really knew who The Eagles were until I was in high school, yet I grew up listening to this album as a child because my mother played it in the house all the time. It wasn't until I heard these songs played on the radio (not long after their reunion in the 90's) and labeled as "The Eagles" that I realized I had listened them my entire life.

An interesting take on Hotel California:

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